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Saturday, December 24th 2016

2:02 PM

Keeping It Classy in P.J. Wear

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        For those of us who've suffered through final's week at any four year university we were lucky enough to also reside in, there are sure to be memories of slapped together ensembles that were part comfy p.j. part casual. I know I remember also eschewing makeup, hair grooming tools and my usual accessories on these occasions. But when I wanted to appear quietly laissez-faire I wore my p.j.'s in a more calculated way. I chose cotton instead of cuddly flannel and paired the components with the correct sportswear.

   While putting together this blog I experimented with some new ways to wear p.j.'s. For my red and pink Hello Kitty p.j. bottoms I paired my light blue Poketo Hello Kitty tee and black hoodie, and for another "school p.j. day" I added a red print Asian style Western shirt over my vintage burgundy silk shirt and a pair of black palazzo pants. Other ways I'd love to try coordinating p.j.'s and sportswear is to wear a black print shirt with beige shorts and a soft cardie and a pair of pink, black and white print bottoms with a white t-shirt and black fitted blazer.

    In the future I see the fashion lines blurring even more and the cozy long-sleeved Henley shirt and print p.j. bottoms I saw in the latest L.L. Bean catalog and at Target will become the norm. My only hope is that those of us into the trend will remember to keep it classy.

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