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Wednesday, December 28th 2016

2:55 PM

Socks Add Pop and Pep With Style

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Victoria Moore in black and white striped mini dress and black short pants accessorized with pink and blue Hello Kitty socks and beige sandals

Illustration by Victoria Moore

Knox in box. Fox in socks.

-Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

   Ever since I was in junior high, and wore a pair of multicolored toe socks with open-toed sandals and cuffed jeans, I've been in love with the "sock and sandal" look. Now that it's so mainstream it's no longer unique the trick is to make it one's own without looking like you're trying to hard. During Read Across America Week, where the school I subbed for requested we all "wear our craziest socks" to celebrate Fox In Socks by Dr. Seuss I got the chance to do just that.

Fancy Sock Set

   My first choice, a swanky three-piece sock set I bought at Ross looked passable and would've worked okay, if I hadn't been more convinced to wear a pair of vibrant turquoise, pink and white Hello Kitty socks I'd bought at "Forever 21," by a young student I'd bonded with over the icon. One day, after showing her a I book I'd made, called Hello Kitty's Day for ECE 4 (Language and Literature for the Young Child) class I took at Santa Monica College, she proposed that we both wear our Hello Kitty socks on Fox On Socks day.


Hello Kitty Socks


   Now that I had a brand new plan I had to coordinate an outfit to offset my socks and make then the star. I started with a very preppy, and slightly retro, black and white v-necked mini dress that I belted with a decorative cinch belt then I paired it with a pair of short knee-length black pants. To bring out the pink and blue of the socks I accessorized my look with a turquoise beret, large flower pin attached to my fitted denim jacket, two heavy gold chain necklaces and a pair of beige suede sandals.

   Sober, with a hint of whimsy, I enjoyed sharing my love for Dr. Seuss and funky socks on such a productive and wonderful day.

Five Facts About Fox In Socks:

  1. The book was published in 1965.
  2. Mr. Fox is one character and Mr. Knox is the other character.
  3. Mr. Fox and Mr. Know aren't the only ones to wear socks in the book, "chicks" also wear socks, as does "Sue."
  4. The whole book is a tongue twister that gets increasingly more difficult as you read it.
  5. The thematic style is similar to Green Eggs and Ham-one character is very reserved and easily annoyed (Mr. Knox) and the other just the opposite (Mr. Fox).


Navy-blue and white print sock set

Tips for Wearing Socks with Open-Toed Sandals:

  • Pair thick and tweedy styles with suede sandals and jeans or shorts for a comfy casualness.
  • Add color to monochromatic outfits with brightly colored ankle socks for a little pizzazz. 
  • Knee-length or slouchy socks give a denim A-line skirt or full white skirt a lovely boho appeal.


Neon and black sock set

Good Places for Buying Socks: 

*Victorian Trading Co. (www.victoriantrading.com)http://victoriantrading.com

They have the best socks for romantics including lavish lace socks in black, burgundy and pink, swiss dot socks, cozy rag socks in oatmeal and heathers, lazy slouch socks in black, white and ecru and rosy posy socks are for under $50.

*Ross Department Store 

*Forever 21 








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